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Kingston Jerk Hut is an Authentic Jamaican Takeaway/Restaurant with a nod to the Caribbean. Nestled in Clapton, the heart of Hackney. KJH features a very traditional menu with a twist, in a setting as comfortable as your grandmother’s dining room.

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    KJH Caterers is the catering and events division of Kingston Jerk Hut specializing in carefully crafted Caribbean table cuisine. Our menus are often inspired by a plethora of Caribbean islands and change regularly to feature dishes in season which are locally grown. KHJ Caterers is committed to the same quality and culture of Kingston Jerk Hut using the same quality ingredients and locavoric principles. Standing Fête or Seated Feast.. There’s always a reason to celebrate.. We’ll handle the party. You just work on your toast! Give us a call to discuss your event.




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